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Tree Trimming Cost

When ignored, trees tend to lose their aesthetic appeal, with overgrown branches messing with the natural tree shape. In addition to making the entire compound look unattractive, unmaintained trees can become hazardous, with some of their branches threatening to fall....

Tree Removal Costs

Most property owners in Greenville spend $400 to $1200 on tree removal, with the average-sized tree costing $750. However, property owners with the smallest trees can spend about $200 on tree removal, with the biggest trees having a tree removal cost of $2000.  The...

Tree Pruning Cost

To prune a tree in Greenville, you will need to set aside $75 to $2000. If your tree is average-sized, you may be charged about $450. However, most property owners in Greenville pay $350 to $650 since most of the trees in the region fall in the medium-size category...
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